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Mark Ratcliffe, 2011/05/23 16:39
Hi, I have read your page about setting up eDirectory and AIX 5.3. Is it possible to configure this when all our eDirectory servers are Windows servers? As we have no OES servers, I presume we need to manually create a Unix-Config object in the tree and install the LUM packages on one Linux workstation. Am I right in thinking when you run the namconfig on the linux workstation it finds the Unix-Config object and adds itself a Unix Workstation object? What decides what context in the tree the workstation is added? Thanks Mark
Sjoerd Hooft, 2011/05/30 09:16
Hi Mark, I really don't know, I've neder used eDirectory on Windows servers in a production environment. Personally I'd add one OES linux server, which is free under a lot of circumstances, and it will make your life a lot easier. I have several articles here on explaining the installation etc, so it wouldn't be that hard. Please contact me personally (sjoerd at ) if you have any question about that.
Jonathan, 2011/08/12 22:49
I noticed you used NOPASSWD in your sudo config. Were you able to get sudo working without using NOPASSWD? For some reason this works %ssh-ms-lpar04 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL but this doesnt: %ssh-ms-lpar04 ALL=(ALL) ALL
Sjoerd Hooft, 2011/08/16 13:15
That should work, and that's really weird. The only thing I can think of is that the user you specify to run the command as has no valid password. What is the exact output you get when you try this?
Jonathan, 2011/08/16 18:05
I did get this working, but it came down to my keytab that I was generating on the Win2k8. My AIX machine was not agreeing with it when I imported it. thanks!
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